Jazz Singer
Kazue Taniyama
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Kazue Taniyama was born in Osaka, Japan 1977.
She started her professional career from 2000 in Osaka.
She has a wonderful voice
and is known as a valuable jazz vocalist who can sing
not only jazz but also Brazilian music such as Bossa Nova and Samba.

Event Schedule

Feb. 2024
9 Fri. 7:30pm Pochi, Akashi, Hyogo
11 Sun 6:30pm Sone, Kobe, Hyogo
18 Sun. 4:oopm bochi bochi, Otsu, Shiga
24 Sat. 7:30pm Pile Driver, Umeda, Osaka

4 Mon. 6:30pm Sone, Kobe, Hyogo
8 Fri. 7:00pm Mukonoso, Amagasaki, Hyogo
17 Sun. 2:00pm Sone, Kobe, Hyogo
21 Thu. 6:30pm Sone, Kobe, Hyogo
23 Sat. 2:00pm Pochi, Akashi, Hyogo
and more...
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